Please don’t take Social Security benefits at age 62, 66 or 70, until you have considered all your options!

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62, 66 and 70; these are the three ages most people associate with Social Security and in nearly every circumstance would NOT provide you with your maximum lifetime benefit. From your 62nd birthday until your 70th birthday there are 96 months that you could file for Social Security benefits. When you include options your spouse would have, survivor benefits and advanced filing options – there are over 20,000 variations that a married couple could file for benefits. Each option would not only give you a different monthly benefit, but would also result in a different LIFETIME benefit. But if you just go by the conventional wisdom of filling at age 62, 66 or 70, you WILL likely be missing out.

Join us for a complimentary class that was created to help you understand:

  • Why maximizing Social Security should be at the core of your retirement plan and strategies to optimize your filing
  • Why in almost every case an individuals’ assets/investments are over exposed to risk
  • How you can manage the impact of the “Social Security double tax” hit

Please note: Married couples who have not yet filed for benefits but are planning to will gain the most from this program.

If you cannot join us for this event, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at the The Ivy League Advisory Group at 866-360-2724 or plaufenberg@theivyag.com

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The Ivy League Advisory Group, LLC

The Ivy League Advisory Group, is a local fiduciary retirement planning firm. The firms focus isn’t just about how much you have saved for retirement. It is focused on utilizing a holistic process that superimposes an individual's circumstances & goals, layering them atop a proprietary system that can reveal many opportunities. The firms unique process can highlight opportunities to:

  • minimize or eliminate risk in your retirement assets
  • maximize social security income
  • minimize taxation prior to and throughout retirement
  • ensure families estate planning is aligned with their goals

Brandon Archibald founded the Ivy League Advisory Group, bringing his decade plus of business experience to help provide holistic financial strategies from its headquarters in the Greater Boston area. One of his fundamental goals in starting the firm was to provide complete independence from large, corporate firms so that advice could be given in the sole interest of the client always. The firm’s advisory clients are also served by Investment Advisor, Peter Laufenberg. Before his appointment at the firm, Peter worked for his alma mater Plymouth State University as the Business Liaison Officer and manager of the business internship program for the College of Business Administration and several other disciplines. Peter has been a part of the Ivy League Advisory family since its founding first as a client and now as an advisor.

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